• Ski Safari 2 - A small increase for A fun Fun Game Runner

    Ski Safari 2 - A small increase for A fun Fun Game Runner

    Do not include Ski Safari 2 into list of this month's review would be a great sin to me. Especially after having a good time playing it for days in a row, whenever, and wherever I was.

    Although my initial introductions commence from the Ski Safari: Adventure Time, I admit the sequel this time still presenting the same game formula to pull it, so I make it worthy as one of the arcade game runner my recommendation in October. Why? Well, check out reviews more details again here.

    Improvement of the classic Gameplay still remains worthy of Sustained

    Describe the Ski Safari can be likened to gameplay such as explaining how to play Angry Birds to people who have never played casual arcade game ever. Although each series presenting gameplay that more or less exactly the same Ski Safari, always add a smattering of small refinements to make the sequel feels increasingly OK when played.

    The gameplay is the same as the previous Safari, Ski on the second series of this you still are dealing with steep downhill berseluncur action. You also avoid the pursuit of a landslide accident behind the characters.

    In terms of control, Ski Safari 2 not much change what is already displayed the two previous series. Here you just need to slide free automatically, doing a tap to jump, hold your finger on the screen to spin in the air, and the slide on the screen so as karaktermu beratraksi when jumping. A bit different from Ski Safari before, you can now perform various tricks while jumping high along the slide action, ranging from mere spin, grab, and other free style.

    Not only that, Ski Safari 2 now also has a different level of the display backlight. You now not only be pursued disastrous avalanche, but also escaped from the pursuit of lava and winds of a tornado. This kind of background feature for that matter is not something new in the Ski Safari, because Safari Ski: Adventure Time itself has been introduced with the look of a world unique Oooo.

    Other improvement that makes Ski Safari 2 is much more interesting is the camera features and multiplayer support with the number of players up to four people at once. Such a set of screenshots that you see above, the camera features give you the opportunity to show off how many animals you collect while playing. With this you can show off most styles okay you can do in Ski Safari 2 to your friends.

    For the multiplayer mode on its own, Ski Safari 2 emphasizes this feature for the pleasure of playing with friends around through the connection of local multiplayer. There are no centralized servers that host from permainanmu here, so you inevitably have to provide their own servers (local host) and invite people you know to come into play.

    This feature is indeed impressed quite attractive to some players who just want to play with his friends. But for those of you who want to test the ability of you facing the person you do not know, this is an obstacle that makes you less able to enjoy multiplayer mode in the Ski Safari 2.

    Support 3D graphics that enhance your Display

    Ski Safari 2 I admit looks much more interesting thanks to the graphics this time finished with the look of full 3D. The developers themselves are also still maintains the Ski Safari character models are cute and adorable, even added a variety of other creatures that customized theme stage you play.

    The 3D graphic display last utilized fully by the camera features I have mentioned in the previous paragraph. You try to look at every angle of the movement of the characters and their expressions that change depending on the situation. This obviously makes the look of the Ski Safari 2 feels a lot better than the previous two series, the first Safari Ski and Ski Safari: Adventure Time.

    Free Android version with Monetization completely Unobtrusive

    Yes, free is the most effective approach that made the Ski Safari 2 impressed far more tempting to you have compared the two earlier series are paid. Meng gratiskan Ski Safari 2 on Android parties making developers lowered the value of the coins you get in this game in order to progress to play you walk slowly.

    The activity of the grinding style casual games this is fortunately not feels burdensome players, because it does not obligate you Sleepy Z to touch the come optional purchase IAP. In addition to playing, you can get coins with an instant way like watching video ads with a duration of not more than thirty seconds.

    If you want to invest for the sake of pleasure you to Ski Safari 2, I recommend you purchase the machine Coin Doubler costs Rp 23,900 in order that all the coins that you collect the value be doubled.